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Past Research Grants Awarded

Each year, monies are set aside to fund the Research Project. Applications are solicited from Canadian Dental Schools and hospitals for the funding of research into dental and dentally repeated interests. The foundation is kept apprised of progress and suitable acknowledgement and recognition is given, in any publications or presentations made by the recipients. The grants committee is made up of 3 members (currently David Eisenstat davideisenstat@rogers.com, Brad Krusky yoyopedo@shaw.ca, and Richard Halpern Richard_halpern@hotmail.com)

Seven worthy projects were awarded in 2013:
  • Dr. Guy Aboodi, University of Toronto: The oral innate immune response during periodontal disease.

  • Dr. Andrei Lonescu, University of Toronto: To develop a protocol for the delivery of charged antimicrobial nanoparticles in suspension through the portals of exit of a root canalsystem and into the periapical tissue using custom electric fields

  • Dr. Kerry D'Costa, University of Toronto: MMP cleaved fetuin may lose its ability to inhibit TGF-Beta and BMP-2 activity.

  • Dr. Jason Yee, University of Toronto: The impact of maternal oral inflammation on the neonatal quality of life.

  • Dr. Sebastien Dostie, University of British Columbia: Disinfection of Straumann SLA dental implants colonized by multispecies oral biofilm.

  • Dr. Mohamed ElSalhy, University of Alberta: Roles of DMP-1 in root resorption after dental trauma.

  • Dr. Humam Saltaji, University of Alberta: Methodological Characteristics and treatment effect sizes in oral health randomized controlled trials: is there a relationship?

Seven worthy projects were awarded in 2012:
  • Dr. Guy Aboodi, University of Toronto: The oral innate immune response during periodontal disease.

  • Dr. Abbasali Hassanali, University of Toronto: Role of Filamin A in mechanical protection of periodontal tissue.

  • Dr. Flavia Lakschevitz, University of Toronto: Phenotypic changes in neutrophils from blood to oral cavity in periodonal patients.

  • Dr. Gillian Layton, University of Toronto: Understanding fluid dynamics in conventional and two ultrasonic irrigation methods using a novel experimental approach.

  • Dr. Quyen Su, University of Toronto: Genomic loci involved in alveolar bone loss and neutrophil recruitment in AXB/BXA inbred mice.

Seven worthy projects were awarded in 2011:
  • Dr. Michael Major, University of Alberta: Evaluation of CBCT imaging for dianosing adenoid hypertrophy and deviated nasal septum.

  • Dr. Anousheh Pesadmehr, University of Toronto: An in vitro evaluation on the ability of a biologically active nano-carrier based photodynamic therapy to stabilize dentin matrix metalloproteinases.

  • Dr. Tom Wierzbicki, University of Manitoba: Cytokine and Prostaglandin Expression in Primary HUman Osteoblasts UNder Inlammatory Conditions.

  • Dr. Rajan Saini, University of British Colimbia: Role of MicroRNAs in Oral Cancer Tumorigenesis.

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