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The grants are assessed by the grants committee prior to the annual foundation meeting and then presented to the members for a final vote for approval. The grants are for dental and dentally related interests and need to be received via email and 2 paper copies sent by the deadline of October 15, 2015.

Sherman Prize Grad Students Research Projects Charitable Organizations

Sherman Prize

The Sherman prize helps fund undergrad students. Applications are now open until April 30, 2015.
Please download the Information and Application Criteria and submit to shermanprize@aofoundation.ca by the due date above.

Please remember to include:

  • Contact Information (name, address, telephone, email etc.)
  • Dental school, AO undergrad chapter affiliation, year of graduation etc.
  • CV listing accomplishments
  • Official transcript including class standing and GPA

Download: Sherman Prize Information and Application Requirements

Grad Student Grants

The purpose of this program is to provide research training experience for postdoctoral students with high academic standing. The long-range objective is to increase awareness among selected residents, students and fellows of the intellectual satisfaction of research and increase the possibility of their selecting a career including dental research.

Each year, monies are set aside to fund the Research Project. Applications are solicited from Canadian Dental Schools and hospitals for the funding of research into dental and dentally repeated interests. The foundation is kept apprised of progress and suitable acknowledgement and recognition is given, in any publications or presentations made by the recipients. The grants committee is chaired by Mel Schwartz, reachable via email at grantapplication@aofoundation.ca

For more information and if you wish to apply, please download the research grant application here.

Seven worthy projects were awarded in 2013:
  • Dr. Guy Aboodi, University of Toronto: The oral innate immune response during periodontal disease.

  • Dr. Andrei Ionescu, University of Toronto: To develop a protocol for the delivery of charged antimicrobial nanoparticles in suspension through the portals of exit of a root canalsystem and into the periapical tissue using custom electric fields

  • Dr. Kerry D'Costa, University of Toronto: MMP cleaved fetuin may lose its ability to inhibit TGF-Beta and BMP-2 activity.

  • Dr. Jason Yee, University of Toronto: The impact of maternal oral inflammation on the neonatal quality of life.

  • Dr. Sebastien Dostie, University of British Columbia: Disinfection of Straumann SLA dental implants colonized by multispecies oral biofilm.

  • Dr. Mohamed ElSalhy, University of Alberta: Roles of DMP-1 in root resorption after dental trauma.

  • Dr. Humam Saltaji, University of Alberta: Methodological Characteristics and treatment effect sizes in oral health randomized controlled trials: is there a relationship?

Click here for our Past Grant Recipients

Charitable Organizations

The Foundation supported the following initiatives in the last year:

Dental Volunteers for Israel - $1,650
Yad LaKashish - $500
One Family Fund - $2,000
Luba Slome Dental Clinic - $1,650
Beit Issue Shapiro - $500

Please send in requests via the Contact Form. At our annual meeting in October we disperse funds for dental related requests.

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